Why a Fractional CIO?

The main reason to hire a fractional CIO is to help you plan for the future.  As your business grows, the capacity of senior leaders performing multiple roles, such as CEO and CIO, becomes increasingly difficult.    Often small IT teams are tactically focused, primarily making sure your computers stay operational.  A fractional CIO will be able to keep IT systems and processes in alignment with your business goals to help you facilitate your growth.   The combined strengths of business savvy and technical knowledge ensure that technology investments will not only serve the organization now but will be able to scale well as your company grows.  

Your organization may need a fractional CIO to serve as your technology team leader, giving your full-time IT staff guidance and direction, helping them be more efficient and effective.  In this situation, a fractional CIO can fulfill an Interim CIO role while your company searches for the best long-term candidate.   It often turns out a part-time CIO is sufficient for your business at this point in the business’ lifecycle.

Finally, a CIO can help with key strategic initiatives, from vendor selection, ensuring that your company’s interests are represented in contract negotiations, to overseeing projects to their successful completion.

A “hidden” benefit of a fractional CIO is their opportunity to stay tuned into what is happening in the IT industry as it relates to your business.   CIO’s stay up to date on emerging and maturing technologies.   The CIO focuses on the latest and greatest with the tempering view of a business leader.   New directions will be brought to your company’s senior leadership team, opening new efficiencies.  A fractional CIO will manage projects effectively and has the contacts in the industry to assist with any areas where he/she may have a knowledge gap.